How to start new life?

Starting a new life, well, is it possible? And the answer for this is a big YES. And it is not that you need to take another birth. If you are standing in this crucial situation, where you need everything change in your life, then it is definitely a big serious issue for you or at least you must want things to be proper ..."everything proper".  I will not just say hey friend don't worry it will be alright with a period of time, you may not afford it right. But i confirm you that it will be alright by starting a new life. And we will discuss here, how to do that.
Do you really want to change your life? Alright... First know that this is a very common thought with a person who is not satisfied with his life.  And of course, he thinks that it is a most worse moments he is living. So, it is very necessary that you first leave all negativity that forces you to lose.
So to start a new life we need to follow steps which includes a simple rule to follow... Only need is to stay motivated.
- First of all, evaluate the main reason what makes you to think to start with new life... i.e. your problem. All i can judge about your size of problem only by knowing this stage. Believe me if there is only one reason which makes you to feel to start a new life then, it is really a big problem. Otherwise if there is lots of a reason you see in your life for which you want to start a new life then relax... you are in very very easy and safe side.
- Yes, those having only one reason are in big problem... but don't panic if you have a big one reason. Its only that you need to take little more efforts to get a best life back -- or -- just to start a best new life. So you are considering it is very bad with you. As, one problem definitely is a big one. but, a good and a ray of hope is that you are searching for a cure for your problem... You may or may not be among them, who think they hate themselves, but this can never be true emotion of us, even if it seems true, as one cannot completely hate himself. But they are internally waiting for a day. So, there is still one thing that is good with you.
- whereas those who are surrounding by many reasons that you need start a new life.. here is a simple steps:
Steps to start a new life
- focus your problem
- motivate yourself
- begin with some social activities such as helping poor’s, if you are not able to motivate yourself this will help you a lot.
- If you are unsuccessful to achieve something, remember Edison the bulb inventor fails 1000 times. So stay fighter, this is a real mantastic thing for real man. But never disappoint if you are not able to do this, as most of them are as in same situation, you just are in need to follow real rules in life to achieve that success.
- If you are not able to forget the bad happening (if something worst has happened), consider yourself a fighter first. Don’t consider yourself low... You are not at all a low person. If you can't able to handle anymore. Better to leave the place and travel. Devotional place will be most suitable place.
-judge whether if this problem is really that big as compared to those who are fighting for life, anyone in more big problem then you but still living with a smile.

Now, some of problems when people dislike them and their life are:
·         a family problems: such a about to divorce with your lover to whom you might love like they are god for you. Or father/son problem. Or brother/sister... etc. etc.
·         social problem: some find themself not able to speak a single word in front of anyone in society and friends
·         Physic problem: bad from body structure. some are physically handicapped or any physical misbalanced
·         bad habits: forms smoker, drinker or sometime even drug addicts
Well you may not be among the above cases and you may feel that these are not so big problem as compared to yours. Well nothing to say for you if you say that your problem is big then any other in the world. Remember if you always think that it’s all happening bad with you then it will remain bad for you always. So if your desire is to start change... Why not we begin with a positive attitude.

Sharing one real incident,
In my links, a man, one of a big corporate person in a big reputed position. He is in very satisfactory position in his life. All is happening very well in his life. He is doing a high profiled job in a reputed multinational company. He has his own beautiful house. And had a sweet wife. No children, no else. All was going well in his life. He is quite a happy and jolly person. And loved to talk with us and even with all junior level management. no fake attitude at all. It’s all going well with him. But a sudden day when he and his wife was going from a highway. They met to an accident. And in a seconds of time all just destroyed. He was in a coma for about weeks and more.. But bad news was that his most lovable wife was died in that accident. After a week of coma and with few days gaps, when he knows that his only life partner is no more, he lost his conscious, and was is such condition that his brain just lost any interest in life... he was stated as mentally ill where he doesn’t desire anything.. About 2-3 months he doesn’t speak, doesn’t have any human normal activities. But with god grace some persons with golden heart, who doesn’t know them properly, they are just his neighbor’s economically poor who live in their neighbors at rent. They take care of him and helped him to forget past and start a new life. And after about 2 years of care by those neighbor’s, he is completely fit. And he considered those neighbor’s as his own family now. He gifted a flat to those neighbors and all of them are now living as a family in one home.
What do you feel after knowing this case? Problems come into life and sometimes those are such that doesn’t allow us to live normal. But slowly it will be normal as life must go on.
My only mean for all this is to let you understand that rather than living in panic. You should think of recovering from that situation as early as possible.
Rest for those who are depressed by their failures and those who seek better life in which there is luxury in life. Only and simple thing that is even very effective is to take a diversion of mind to devotional things. This not only help you to stay relax and focused on your aim, but also let you force to do your hard work in real and true way which is a key factor to success. If you consider it just a line then try to right down slowly reading the bold lines in notebook. I am sure that you will find it as a best answer for your search.